Landscaping is more of an art then a science. While keeping plants alive and strategically making the right calculations about where they should go is highly important, there’s nothing more fun than choosing among the thousands of different types of greenery to spruce up your path. Choosing the right cobble or stone for the path is another great part of the adventure. Landscaping may seem difficult. While some choose to go with a professional, finding out the right steps to take on your own for your own lawn this spring isn’t as hard as you think. Here are some excellent landscaping tips that are sure to delight young and old as you make your way into the hotter seasons.

Use A Natural Edge

Some choose to go with an unnatural edge made of stone or brick. While that can certainly add a bit of sharpness to the landscape, it’s difficult to maintain and can look less then pleasing to the eye. Those who choose to go with bushes or flowers have more options when it comes to interchanging them with other plants. They’re also plants that are easy to maintain. A rose bush can last for years, even decades. It can create a heavenly aroma around the edge of the path. Bushes are easy to maintain as all they need is a little trimming every now and then.

Use A Starter Fertilizer

The number one problem associated with landscaping is lack luster plants. Since we are often beginning the planting session for most types of plants in spring, it is highly important to use a starter fertilizer to get things going. Starter fertilizer is excellent for young plants or seeds that need to bloom into something bigger. The mycorrhizae-beneficial fungi helps increase soil area so that plants may increase their root production as they grow.

Buy Top Quality Gardening Tools

Some shovels simply aren’t sharp enough to get the job done. This can be a common issue with cheaper shovels. Instead of going to Walmart to buy your shovels, try home maintenance or gardening stores where better brands are available to you. Cheaper tools are also more likely to break in the middle of use. Buying a sturdy hoe can mean the difference between breaking land or breaking the hoe itself.

Think About Your Mowing Process

Mowing is absolutely necessary for every lawn. It isn’t a fun or easy task, but it’s one that keeps your lawn looking sharp. Since spring showers speed up the rate of grass growth like none other, you can expect to be mowing a lot this season. Always be sure to group plants before mowing is necessary. Grouping plants into islands or beds makes them easy to mow around. Turning a mower around an isolated plant often means accidentally trimming or killing it entirely. To avoid this, you’re going to have to think about where your plants should go. Have them off to the side or grouped together in a larger island to keep them alive while mowing.

Your Hard Work Pays Off

Think about maintaining a lawn this spring by utilizing these important tips. Remember to always get quality tools, think about where each plant should go, get the right starting fertilizer, and use an all-natural edge. With these quality tips in mind, nothing should stop you from producing an award-winning garden.

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